Mad Paradox was founded on November 4, 2009, when Artyom Grigoryan offered his friends – Armen Hajyan and Miqayel Saghatelyan to create a rock band. Later, another friend of them, Gor Kirakosyan, joined Mad Paradox too. Devoting all their spare time to the music and doing numerous rehearsals, guys realized, that the rock band wasn’t that easy, as it seemed in the beginning. As they had no suitable person to be the band’s vocalist, Mad Paradox was never on the stage with that line up. In 2012 the guitarist left the band and David Grigoryan replaced him, but unfortunately, before the 2013’s first half, bass player and drummer left Mad Paradox either. Artyom and David had only two months before their military service, when they finally got acquainted with Sargis Hovakimyan (Zack Northborn) whom David offered to sing in their first single – «Locked Emotions». The song wasn’t performed live yet and is not involved in the CD. In that moment nobody could even imagine, that the true Mad Paradox line up was found. Guys just wanted «Locked Emotions» to be recorded and had no future plans so far. It was a destiny that Artyom and David were in the same place in army and had a lot of time to think about Mad Paradox. And, in 2015, after the end of military service, Zack asked Artyom and David for a meeting to talk about some business to do. After singing in different bands, Zack was going to create his own metal band and was offering them to join him. Guys agreed to try, but with doubts in their hearts. They offered an experiment – to record another song, and if it has success, then they will join the band. So that’s how the second single – «Not for Everybody» was born. The song was recorded, but the name of the band was still unknown. After months of discussion, the solution was found. Guys came to an idea, that there is no need to seek for a new name, they can use «Mad Paradox» instead, and give a new life to the past. On August 13, 2015 Mad Paradox officially was released. Guys decided to record some demos before they could find the missing musicians and on October 2, «Paroxysm» was recorded, the first track of the upcoming album of the band. The first half of 2016 was the time for hard work, so David and Zack were recording three songs – «The Berserk», «Stand Still», «Footsteps» and Artyom was shooting the first music video of Mad Paradox, using the «Panic», which was presented and released on April 30, 2016. Eventually the vocalist of rock band Nairi – Artash Darbinyan joined Mad Paradox as the bass player, and as the drummer was still missing, Artash offered the violinist Gor Karapetyan to support Mad Paradox by playing a gig, before the suitable drummer will be found. And the first gig of Mad Paradox was on October 26, in Ulikhanyan Art Club, participating in the Live Mega Rock festival. The audience was surprised with the high level of the band’s performance and no one believed that it was their first gig. Inspired, guys played another gig right one month later, on November 26, after what Gor left the band, because very famous and talented drummer – Derik Vardumyan joined Mad Paradox. And again, right one month later, on December 26, was their third gig. The number 26 seemed to be haunting them and became something like a talisman of Mad Paradox. From the beginning of 2017, the band started the album recordings with David Khurshudyan’s help. Mad Paradox participated in the International «Music Drive» Festival on March 25. The band is working on their stage images according to the album concept and is trying to create innovation in metal music and stage performing. This is a band of five personalities who are totally different in everything – music taste, world vision, ideology. Those are 5 different humans, who are connected only with one thing – Mad Paradox.